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BANDPHOTO        Voices on “Rise & Shine”

Finally, here it is – LANE’s brand new EP RECORD “RISE & SHINE”. It draws the outline of a new feel that evolved around the band during the last year. Who would have thought that LANE becomes a band you actually wanna dance to? “RISE & SHINE” carries on the gloom that was set off by the band’s late 2011 EP The Last Days. However, it’s far more catchy & danceable, since their songs on “RISE & SHINE” feel a lot more sophisticated and grown up. You will not find any High-School Rock on “RISE & SHINE”, whereas the whole EP is full of both angry and upbeat Indie Rock songs with hooks that kept ringing in my ears for weeks. Over the years i’ve seen so many bands and some of them might share equally tight and seemingly similarly dreamy melodies, but there’s still one thing about LANE that makes them so incredibly unique: Bastian’s signature voice. What this kid does with his voice is simply astonishing! He lifts up into brilliant, super clear heights right before he launches into this soul-ripping scream. I am not talking about those often a little ugly metal growls, though. I am talking about this somehow beautiful scream right from the soul that can only come from someone’s truly broken heart. This band is one of the most authentic and honest ones I’ve met in the last 10 years. So remember me saying it now, because they are going to be big in a few years. Summer is about to embrace us with its warmth, so you might wanna go out, plug your plugs and scream from the top of your lungs: “You are what I need to RISE & SHINE”.

- Rebecca T. et al.

The Alternative Rock 4-piece was founded in 2010 by lead singer and guitarist Bastian Hansen.
Right after forming, LANE recorded their debut EP “The Last Days”and started touring small clubs in Germany.
In  2012 LANE started producing their 2nd EP “Rise & Shine” which is going to be released in April 2013.

LANE are:
Bastian Hansen (Vocals, Guitar)
Christian Niemeyer (Guitar, Vocals)
Maik Heuwold (Drums)
Arne Lang (Bass Guitar)


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